onsdag 19 maj 2010

Näktergalens sång - nu med ljud

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aafke7 sa...


aafke7 sa...

Lovely! You did it!
Really nice!
How long did it take to upload this? I made a video of the garden and cannot find the proper way to do it...;(((

Tina sa...

First I uploaded my video on Youtube and it took about 30 min. When yo watch your video on Yotube, there is a button, Embed (Bädda in), to push. There you find the html-code to paste on your blog. Good luck!

frisky frog sa...

I min utlottning la jag till ett andra- och tredjepris och du vann tredjepriset. Maila din adress så kommer en nålbok på posten-
/Ha en bra dag!